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Beef Brands

As the world’s leading beef producer, we are proud to provide a wide variety of first-rate brands to retail grocery chains, wholesalers and foodservice establishments. You’re invited to explore our comprehensive portfolio of beef programs designed to deliver products tailored to your business needs. We look forward to the opportunity to build a lasting partnership dedicated to your success.

5 Star Beef®

5 Star® beef builds loyalty and repeat business because your customers get an exceptional dining experience in every meal. 5 Star is notable for consistent sizing, superior yields and excellent taste. Learn More »

5 Star Reserve

5 Star Reserve® offers beef with attributes that transform exceptional dining into a gourmet experience. Its consistent, well-formed marbling results in richer, deeper flavor than traditional Choice graded beef. Learn More »

Aspen Ridge Natural Beef®

Aspen Ridge Natural Beef® holds itself to the highest standards with respect to genetics, animal handling and feeding protocols. The end result is premium natural beef that delivers a consistent program for you and an unparalleled eating experience for your customers. Learn More »

Swift Black Angus Beef®

We start with the best of breeds. Black Angus is known for its extra consistency and exceptional flavor. Only one in four cattle makes the Swift Black Angus® cut. Each carcass is USDA certified, hand-selected and trimmed to meet the highest standards. Learn More »

Premium Ground Beef®

Showcase® specializes in adding value to an important category – ground beef. We grind internally sourced raw materials in a timely manner to ensure optimal shelf life, freshness and color. A variety of lean points and primal specific options are offered to address customers’ needs. Learn More »

Clear River Farms Beef®

Clear River Farms® delivers an excellent eating experience at prices that are truly affordable. Cattle that qualify for the Clear River Farms® program have been raised on high-quality rations throughout their life. Marbling specifications are the same minimum requirements as USDA Select. Learn More »

1855 Black Angus Beef®

Great beef begins with great cattle. And that means Black Angus. It’s well documented that the Angus breed marbles naturally and produces the rich beef flavor that steak lovers crave. Less than 10% of all cattle qualify for the 1855 Black Angus® brand. Our Angus cattle are all USDA Certified to meet ten strict program specifications, ensuring we deliver unmatched quality and consistency. Learn More »

Cedar River Farms Natural Beef®

Our natural approach to raising cattle is done with one goal in mind: to produce consistently superior beef. It takes careful planning from the moment of birth on, and our dedication to the program always pays off. Learn More »

Blue Ribbon Angus

The lush meadows and rich grasslands of the Northern Plains, coupled with its cool climate, offer ideal conditions for raising the world’s finest Angus. Blue Ribbon Angus Beef® , an extension of Blue Ribbon Beef® , gives your customers the Angus eating experience they crave. Learn More »

Swift Beef®

Swift® traces its origins to 1855 when 16-year-old Gustavus Franklin Swift started in business for himself as a slaughterer, packager and distributor of beef. Swift is the leading brand of beef, with customers the world over recognizing the commitment to the quality and consistency the brand represents. Swift® is a USDA graded program providing grain-fed beef. Product offering includes whole muscle boxed beef, ground beef and variety meats. Learn More »

Certified Angus Beef®

Certified Angus Beef® is the original Angus beef brand available in USDA Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice. JBS is one of the leading processors of Certified Angus Beef® . Consistent availability is possible with production facilities strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada. Learn More »

Chef's Exclusive Beef®

Chef’s Exclusive® has delivered consistently high quality beef to discerning customers for more than 25 years. It’s the beef brand chefs insist on for cuts that provide an unforgettable dining experience. Our Northern Plains cattle with English Breed influence result in consistently tender, juicy and flavorful beef. Learn More »

Blue Ribbon Beef®

All Blue Ribbon Beef® has a heritage of continuous improvement and excellence. We take great pride in our well-known reputation for consistent quality and exceptional commitment. Blue Ribbon Beef® has a comprehensive product offering available across the entire value spectrum from USDA Prime to Select. For a product that delivers, choose Blue Ribbon Beef® to provide an unmatched eating experience every time. Learn More »

Clear River Farms Angus Beef®

Clear River Farms Angus Beef® delivers an excellent eating experience at prices that are truly affordable. Black Angus is known for superior quality and the beef consumers recognize and value. Clear River Farms Angus Beef® marbling specifications are the same minimum requirements as USDA Select.

La Herencia Beef®

La Herencia® provides authentic boxed beef and variety meats for the growing Hispanic market. La Herencia® allows families to prepare, serve and enjoy traditional Latino meals. Learn More »

Packerland Beef®

Packerland® beef is sorted by our strict quality standards resulting in quality products at a superior value. Packerland® beef provides an enjoyable eating experience for your budget-conscious consumer. Learn More »

Premium USA Beef®

Showcase Premium USA Beef® is an export beef brand. Showcase® combines the excellent taste, tenderness and juiciness with the renowned quality of U.S.-raised beef. Reserved exclusively for international markets, Showcase® provides a comprehensive product offering across the entire value spectrum. Learn More »